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Softoit Computing 

 Where excellence is not an option,  but the only accepted standard.

Our motto is that only applied knowledge has value. We have a culture of implemented experience leading only to excellence We will match leading industry technology to your actual business requirements.

Softoit Computing's mission is to provide

Turnkey Business Solutions.

We are committed to providing you with cost effective, Task specific, customized written software and added value service by ensuring that our software complies with your unique business requirements
Our Company Profile

Softoit Computing was established in the fall of 1989

our        expertise    lie    in    custom-written,    innovative    solutions    adressing difficult   software-related   problems.   We   specialise   in   developing   turnkey business    solutions    by    identifying    your    business    requirements    and transforming   them   into   tangible   software   infrastructure   solutions.   We are    passionate    about    solving    problems    that    others    claim    to    be "impossible".   Our   team      has   extensive   knowledge   in   the   development industry. We    are    a    software    development    house    based    in    South    Africa.    We occupy    a    unique    corner    in    the    market    where    we    provide    ground breaking   database      and   other   related   task   specific   written   software solutions        by    matching    the    latest    technology    trends    to    your    actual business   requirements.   We   encourage   healthy   right   sizing   strategies   to minimise the total cost of ownership and maximum system efficiency.
The most important note of all, is our company’s Slogan  "Soli Deo Gloria For Our Prosperity" (Translated = To God alone the glory for our prosperity) Only because of the above, have we been able to grow into a recognized solution provider in the technology industry.