© Autosavvy Webmaster:  Box Office Computers A comprehensive “Motor Dealer Management System” Welcome to the AUTOsavvy sneak preview - Your  AUTOMATIVE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT solution.           Do you own a car dealership or any other automotive-related business?.    AUTOsavvy was developed by industry specialist who boast more than 35 years experience, designed to increase business efficiency and offers a feature rich dynamic system with all key operating elements built      into a single software solution.   Make critical business decision at the click of a button with AUTOsavvy’s unique and targeted software solutions for your automotive business!   All of AUTOsavvy’s business management solutions are backed by a full support structure to ensure absolute usability amongst all members of your organisation.   Every element of this software is packed with feature rich components that will make you love using it in your dealership from the outset.    A user does not have to utilise each and every feature contained in AUTOsavvy but only the features required!   AUTOsavvy is available for a reasonable start up fee and is maintained for a small monthly rental/ license fee. Additional business specific customization of the system for your unique business requirements may be accommodated.   Installation is quick and easy and AUTOsavvy offers comprehensive training and support.   AUTOsavvy's staff will be by your side all the way.