© Autosavvy Webmaster:  Box Office Computers A comprehensive “Motor Dealer Management System” Every element of this software is packed with feature rich components that will make you love using it in your dealership from the outset.  Additional business specific customization of the system for your unique business requirements may be accommodated.  System user access and task specific securities are managed via a flexible multi functional user control Matrix. This highly  adaptable Matrix with Pre-determined, staff system access security settings, makes for easy and secure management of  confidential financial and general data within AUTOSAVVY. Double password access controls are applied to control the access to  various critical areas of the system. AUTOSAVVY's comprehensive business operating features offer amongst a host of others, a real time bank recon facility and  includes a range of feature rich tools to manage all aspects motor dealership administration and management. The vehicle  purchasing feature offers a unique error free rapid stock capturing facility. Stock control, reconditioning, marketing, staff  activity, profit and loss and many other management reports are also prominent features. These include showroom operations,  sales and sales administration for new and used vehicles. The AUTOSAVVY system is user security access level controlled and  navigated via task specific, user friendly menu's. Automated and strategically placed system navigation prompts are found  throughout the system. The system holds an audit trail feature within each vehicle stock file to record all amendments and  user authority.  AUTOSAVVY offers a suite of date period selectable stock management lists including; age analysis, snap shot historical lists with ageing, stock within a minimum and maximum price category for marketing purposes, with and without costs, per vehicle make and derivative as well as, stock take lists for bar code and manual stock takes and reconciliations. Note: All menu items listed shows only some of the features and interactive screenshot links - The actual programme provides a fully comprehensive feature rich DEALER  MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Reconditioning is a strong component AUTOSAVVY provides a flexible multi functional system to account for, reconditioning per unit and to facilitate efficient accurate costing and tracking of repair orders and in house after sale warranty. AUTOSAVVY enables a dealer to sell more vehicles and maximise the profit on every sale. AUTOSAVVY has incorporated an electronic version of the Transunion Auto dealers guide. Providing automated, up to date, vehicle make and model, identification codes and valuation data. This dynamic feature ensures that accurate vehicle make and model codes, condition specific trade and retail data is at the fingertips of the user, to be applied throughout the system.      This element is a feature rich component offering the following facilities amongst a host of others. Vehicle purchasing with AUTOSAVVY is made seamless fast and simple by utilising innovative technology to ensure error free rapid data capturing, NATIS document verification, accurate make and model identification .This feature Includes an automated FICA and CPA compliance procedure, a digital document storage facility, an automated trade-in linking and tracking feature etc. AUTOSAVVY 's parts purchases feature is a powerful component offering comprehensive  parts purchase,  movement, pricing, sales and supplier history. AUTOSAVVY turns the management of stock on floor plan into a stress free, smooth and easy process by incorporating Floor plan invoicing, ageing, reporting and a variety of alerts and staff reminders which are linked directly to each appropriate stock file. Additional to the website element AUTOSAVVY provides a wide  range of alternative advertising mediums. User friendly,  system generated email and print adverts are strategically  placed throughout the system and AUTOSAVVY systematically  develops a comprehensive customer data base while day to  day customer interaction takes place. This dynamic and  innovative marketing tool is enhanced by its strategically  placed direct system bulk SMS and emailing facilities.   AUTOSAVVY can generate separate invoices for different requirements. The point of sale invoicing feature consists of a variety of flexible invoicing options making it possible to categorise every sale for easy reference, accurate reporting, bank reconciliations, floor plan and OTP management. AUTOSAVVY is navigated via an instructive uncomplicated user friendly menu system. Another exciting element to AUTOSAVVY is the additional  automated dynamic website module with pre-defined links,  linking directly to the dealer management system. Enabling  the dealer to up load newly acquired stock, vehicle images  and advertising data to a/Your website with one simple click.  (Conditions apply) The images and advert data are then  automatically removed from this dynamic website when the  vehicle is sold.  Or alternatively, it is also possible to link  your  existing website with  your dynamic website if used.  AUTOSAVVY's prospect managing facility enables the sales manager and sales staff to manage prospects with precision and maximum ease via Pre-defined links. Captured details of prospective buyers are linked directly to staff or designated sales persons with follow up reminder facilities and system alerts, instantly linking new stock arrivals with prospects. A variety of automated prospect management reports and activity lists are at the disposal of the user to maximising the value of every customer contact.   An innovative dynamic prospect lead source management facility makes provision for accurate  return on investment evaluation and optimisation, enabling the user to identify the most efficient form of advertising and marketing at a glance. Page 1